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Thanksgiving break. Can I get a hallelujah!

Thank god thanksgiving break is just next week. School is killing me this semester and I'm praying I can scrap by with B's. I really don't want to retake anything so it would be a gift from god. Can't wait to just get home, kick back and relax for a bit.

I forgot to make a post on my 21st birthday, but I had a good time. Went out to a couple bars, had a handful of free birthday shots and whatever my friends through at me, and when I hit drunk mode got a little crazy. Roomie got a few vids from that night and their pretty funny.

I've also noticed that loneliness is starting to get to me. More and more frequently I get this weird depressing feeling that I'm never gonna find someone or that I'm not good enough. While it lasts for only a bit, it bothers me that I even have those thoughts. Sometimes my mind can be funny.

Tonight I plan to go see Harry Potter and if all goes well get this damn History paper written BEFORE break so I don't have to worry about it while I'm on break. I'm horrible at History though so even 5 pages is a lot for me to come up with. If it were any other subject that would be too easy.
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Boy, I'm wiped and I'm only two weeks in to this semester lol I just can't seem to catch up on sleep (so hopefully this holiday comes in handy :D) Not that my classes are hard or not even that they give a lot of homework; in fact, my classes are fun and have almost no homework. They just assign A LOT of reading. This piled on top of work plus me starting to learn Kendo is just a lot of time that, well, college kids just don't have. I'm making it work though.

Nothing really exciting has been happening. Just school. Tomorrow I finally get my new phone. Thank ya Jesus.
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Long summer catch up and back to school

This has been an incredibly long summer. At least if felt like it, though trying to look back now it seems like it has flew by. The slow parts were mostly do to the fact I wasn't all that happy with my job though the money was great and I missed Disney a lot. I can't really place a finger on why my job drove me crazy but it did I know that much. Maybe it was the stores and the customers or the fact I just felt like I was doing nothing with my self. Oh, I was a merchandiser by the way.

Another bad think that made the summer feel so long was an increase in my Insomnia... It just seems to keep getting worse and worse. To the point where I'm just falling asleep as my alarm clock starts ringing. I just roll around in bed all night, can't get comfortable, I can't stop thinking, and my body aches bother me. I sound like an old person, but it's true.

My plan was to get a Mac before school started this year and I was hoping to put some of my check aside so I could save for it. Well, with my luck it just couldn't be. I'm not too upset about it though I'll just try again next summer I guess. I just hate this dell. It's going to be the hardest thing to work with this semester...

Kazusa was here these last two weeks. Out of which I only saw here for two. Nothing turned out the way I thought it would. Completely heartbreaking for me considering I was obsessed with her for over 4 years... I can at least move on though and meet other girls at college. Never know what can happen there. Besides, us not working out I had fun with her. She was cute as always and I took her shopping to the stores she wanted to go to. We even went up to Chicago to see the new Skydeck at the Sear's Tower (not calling it Willis, I refuse) and ate at Hardrock Cafe. The Local Legendary burger was freaking awesome. It was made just like a Chicago style hot dog (which is flippin amazing in itself) only a deliciously cooked perfectly burger. Kazusa left today too.

Plans for next summer hopefully include a trip to Japan. 2 weeks minimum but would like to shoot for a month. Got to save starting now.

School starts Friday and just finished packing some of my stuff. I can't believe I'm finally going back. It's been forever! Getting have to find the swing of things again. I'm just sad some of my good friends won't be there any longer because they decided to transfer but I have no doubt I'm gonna make a whole bunch more. One thing I can't wait for is to be able to go to the Gym and work out. Gonna make getting and staying in shape a lot easier then it is now. An unfortunate thing this year is a lack of Japanese based classes. This semester is all accounting courses and general credits. I'll have to take a whole semester of Japanese classes in one of the upcoming semesters.

I'm sure there is a lot more to say but I can't really think of anything right now. Plus, I don't want to ramble.

EDIT: ALMOST FORGOT! As you all know Beauty and the Beast is my favorite movie of all time. Been that way since 1991 and most likely will be forever. Well Disney has made and FINISHED the 3D version of the film. It was slated for a Valentine's Day release this year and then was pushed back to next year (2011) to coincided with the 20th anniversary. HOWEVER, Disney has now decided that 3D isn't popular enough yet and has kicked Beauty and the Beast off of the release slate for 2011. I don't know what they are talking about. Right now is the best time to release it. 3D won't get bigger it will only fall. So please sign this petition people have set up. Lets get this movie back to the big screens.

Link to Petition
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OH SNAP! I'm officially aloud on the roads...by...um, MYSELF!

Well, today is the day I have been dreading for A LONG LONG LONG time. For those of you who know me, it has been a day you have been waiting for as well as you hated being my chauffeur. Today, ladies and gents I took my driving skills test.

I won't lie. I nearly died of shock. I'm pretty sure I crapped myself when my instructor sat down in the passenger seat. I'm pretty sure I re-crapped myself when he asked me to parallel park. It was so awkward as I could tell I was obviously showing how nervous I was. He just sat there all positive and jotted down notes from time to time. I only made two mistakes to my knowledge and they were all in my turns. I made a wide turn on one street due to my nerves and over turned another turn. Neither were bad enough it would have been fatal.

I will say that I was extremely shocked when I parked my jeep back at the BMV and the instructor said, "You passed and WILL be receiving your license today." I could just feel the smile stretch across my face. I realized I had made it through my most dreaded test. AWESOME.

I guess, according to mom, that its new that they don't give you your license the same day. They just give you a slip in place of one until you get the real card in the mail. I can't wait to get that card. It will reek of sweet victory.

*WARNING* That does mean I will be on the roads now. SO stay clear. Don't panic. I drive like a grandma. Try to keep you road rage in check. The longer I drive the less of a grandma I'll be. I uh hope.

Well happy driving :D
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Glee Audition

Glee is one of my favorite shows. Its clever and original, not to mention down right funny. Well, they are having open auditions on myspace so I figured I'd give it a shot. If you intrested in checking out my audition go tho this link


If you like it please give me a gold star :P

As to my life right now. It's just boring. Waiting for school to start back up or just for work to start next week. I'm finally gonna get my license next week and I can't freakin' wait. I'll probably have an entry on getting that alone next week.
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Beauty and the Beast: The Smash Hit Broadway Musical (Chicago, April 3rd at 2)

First off I just want to thank Networks and the original creators of the musical for coming back and doing Beauty and the Beast again on a nation tour. I was certain when it left Broadway I would never get the chance to see the show. However, they gave it another shot and now I finally completed a dream.

The show was great in every way. From the very beginning with the creepy enchantress to the ending transformation and dance. It was amazing. I need not say that the story was amazing because we all already know its my favorite story of all time. The musical just flushed it out more and added a lot more comedy and feeling to the situations and characters. They also changed a few things in the story here or there to make it work with the stage show rather then the cartoon. For instance, the objects were not full objects yet, but rather people under the spell who became more object like over time till they finally did become the object.

The design of the show its self was really neat too. It was redesigned, lighter, and very colorful and gave the fell of the movie. It was a very big contrast from the Provincial Town sets to the Castle sets. The town was more light and bubbly while the castle was more dark and eerie. I thought this worked great. Another thing that impressed me was that during the chirography they moved the sets around like they do in most musicals. But in the castle they even made like a story out of it. They were stone gargoyles they came to life and moved the stage about as well as threw Maurice out of the dungeon.

The acting was great. The voices were even more so. Belle sang great and it really showed when she sang "A Change In Me" which is really no surprise as that's the strongest song in the musical. The beast did a great job vocally as well and was very animated and beast like. The actor did a great job making the beast a sarcastic douche and showing how childlike he was. I also thought that Lumière and Mrs. Potts sold their accents really well.

It was really hard for me to pick a favorite scene but I really have to give it to the song "Gaston" This is where the choreography really shone. There is a whole segment where the whole ensemble including Gaston and Lefou are using beer mugs and clapping them together in a rhythmic dance. It was so good it gave me chills. I wanted to be up there doing it too, it looked that fun!

I could go on and on. This show was just really good and I wish I could see it again. Alas, funds are tight and it departs from Chicago today April 4th. It was good and that's all that matters. It will be something I shall remember forever.

OH! Here's to hoping the rumors of them making it into a live action movie are real!
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Home at last. BEAUTY AND THE BEAST!!!!!

I've been living in Alabama for the last two months and have had no internet access. Not to mention I had just recently broke my phone so I have no ability to text over half the people I talk to. Very frustrating to say the least.

Anyway, other then having pretty much no contact to the outside world other then those I was face to face with in Alabama, Alabama was a mix of love and hate. I was working as a Nursing Assistant in a nursing home which took some getting used to but after doing it for a couple weeks it turned out to be not so bad. The residents were for the most part pretty nice and I worked with the residents with Alzheimer's.

Apart from the job, my family seems to have changed a great deal after the passing of my grandmother. We are all still really close-nit, but now very obvious its not a good idea to live together for an extended period of time. They fought constantly and I myself was in a few of them. Something I wasn't to proud of but happened non the less. I love my family though and we always made up no matter how dramatic the fight was and really that's all that matters.

Well, now I'm home for a time and have internet and video games again. BIG RELIEF. Started feeling trapped and confined there for a bit.

Now to the big best part of this entry. Saturday at 2P.M. in Chicago at the Cadillac Palace I will be fulfilling a dream I have struggled to achieve for 15 years. I will finally be seeing Beauty and the Beast professionally done. I can not wait. I'm more excited then I have ever been in my life. One of the best parts is my cousin Jackie will be going with me. We have loved this movie since we were 2. Well her 1. Its going to be amazing. Its gonna be hard not to take her hand and run to the stage and dance the ballroom scene together like we did when we were kids. AHHHHH I can't wait. I'll post directly after I get home from the show and talk all about it. Till then. Ciao